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About Us

Why Choose Resident Agents of Nevada Inc?

Whether you are just starting or incorporating a business and learning your options, or you're a serial entrepreneur, the Resident Agents of Nevada Inc. team is ready to help you set up your company and stay compliant over time. We are your trusted source when starting and expanding your business.

We're Specialists

      • We specialize in Nevada corporations and Nevada LLCs--not all 50 States. Ask yourself when selecting a Resident Agent--how in the world can somebody be an expert on the laws and statues of every State in the country? You deserve to talk to an expert.

      • The friendly person who answers the call is highly trained and qualified to answer your questions.

      • We've been in business since 1995 and we've been around the block more than once.

      • You're going to love our customer service. What a concept...great customer service and reasonable prices.

      • We have thousands of satisfied customers and customer testimonials are available on request.

      • We're members of BBB Reliability Program. (click the icon and see for yourself)

      • Over half of our business comes from current clients and referrals from satisfied customers. We'd rather spend money to improve our service than advertise to get new clients--that's our tradeoff.

We support your learning process

      • Our comprehensive online tools and resources will help you understand your options.

      • We guide you through the steps
        and make sure the process is done right

      • We are eager to answer your questions and explain your options.

      • Each order is carefully reviewed for errors and we guarantee our services against filing defects.

      • We communicate with honesty and candor--saying what we mean and meaning what we say.

      • We triple check all of our filings so that we have a less than 1% return rate from the Nevada Secretary of State.

We make it easy for you

      • Our simple ordering process (online or by phone) makes incorporating your business fast, easy, and understandable.

      • We're glad to take your order by phone or you can use our easy online form to set up your entity in ten minutes or less.

      • We answer our phones in one or two rings--yes, a real person (an American) in Carson City, Nevada answers your phone call during business hours.

      • We have a FREE Reminder Service so that you aren't late for critical filings...we mail, fax, email and, if we haven't heard from you by the deadline--we'll phone you so that you're never late.

      • We're a few blocks from the Secretary of State's Office so that, if you need something, we can get it right away for you.

We clearly display our pricing

      • There are no hidden fees. We clearly display our pricing and applicable state filing fees.

      • We know that the price you pay for a product or service matters–that's why we clearly spell out all the costs and possible fees that can be associated with any product or service.

      • We clearly label any costs–you won't come across any hidden charges or a final price tag that leaves you with sticker shock.

      • We NEVER try to sell you services that you don't need.

      • We don't leave important items out of your package just to make our prices look cheap. Our packages include what you need to operate your company.

      • We've automated processes that our competitors do manually...and we pass the savings on to our clients.

We're with you through the life of your business

      • Our experienced team, comprehensive services, and fantastic value make Resident Agents of Nevada Inc. your partner through the life of your business.

      • Whether for additional state filings or for help in keeping your business compliant with state requirements, Resident Agents of Nevada Inc. has the tools and services you need.

      • We answer your on-going questions about your entity FREE of charge.

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