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Advantages of a Nevada Corporation

Are you looking for limited liability protection and more tax advantages for growing your business?

If so, a C Corporation may be for you.

Key Corporation Advantages:

  • Corporations have long been the gold standard for starting a business

  • The Corporate business structure can help reduce your taxes and protect you against the threat of personal liability.

  • Corporations provide limited liability protection to owners, who are called Shareholders, meaning owners are typically not personally responsible for the Corporation's business debts and liabilities.

  • Corporations may also offer greater tax advantages because of an expanded ability to deduct employee benefits and many kinds of expenses, which are most often used by growing businesses. You will want to make yourself familiar with common kinds of deductions such as office expenses, rent, travel and entertainment, equipment expenses and membership fees. Understanding what is eligible in advance can save you significant taxes.

  • Work with your CPA or Accountant so that you can maximize all of the appropriate business expenses and set up the right accounting system to track expenses. 

C Corporation Advantages:

  • Limited liability protection. Owners are not typically responsible for business debts and liabilities as long as the entity is not involved in any illegal operations

  • Unlimited owners. C Corporations can have an unlimited number of Shareholders

  • Easy transfer of ownership. Ownership is easily transferable through the sale of Stock

  • Unlimited life. When a Corporation’s owner incurs a disabling illness or dies, the Corporation does not cease to exist -- providing the By-Laws define how the ownership transfers

  • Raise capital more easily. Additional capital can be raised by selling Shares of Stock

  • Credibility. Corporations may be perceived as a more professional/legitimate entity than a Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership

  • Lower audit risk. Generally C Corporations are audited less frequently than Sole Proprietorships

  • Tax deductible expenses. Business expenses may be tax-deductible. (Consult your CPA or Accountant)

  • Self-Employment Tax savings. A C Corporation can offer Self-Employment Tax savings, since owners who work for the business are classified as employees

How do I form a C Corporation?

In order to register a company as a C Corporation, Articles of Incorporation (sometimes called a Certificate of Incorporation) must be filed with the State of Nevada and the necessary filing fees paid which also include an Initial List of Officers and Directors and a Nevada State Business License. Upon incorporation, C Corporations are also required to adopt By-Laws, hold an initial meeting of Directors and Shareholders, and issue Shares of Stock to owners.

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Key benefits of a C Corporation

If a company has plans to go public, then a C Corporation is the appropriate selection. That is the reason why C Corporations are the business type of choice for venture capitalists when they provide funding to a business. C Corporations are more flexible than S Corporations in terms of the number of owners (Shareholders) they can have, and who can be an owner.

Some things to keep in mind

Corporations face the most extensive ongoing formalities of any business type. Corporations must adopt and regularly update By-Laws, hold and properly document Annual Meetings of Directors and Shareholders and more.

Specifics for forming a C Corporation in Nevada:

This section covers key facts you should know as you consider forming a C Corporation in Nevada:

Nevada Corporate Name

Nevada Corporations are not required to use name endings such as "Incorporated" or "Inc." (typically referred to as a "tailing") However it is recommended that you consider the use of a tailing such as  "Incorporated," "Limited," "Inc.," "Ltd.," "Company," "Co.," "Corporation," "Corp." or other word identifying the Corporation as a formal entity that will provide the officers and directors with liability protection.

If the name implies banking, trust or insurance powers, prior approval of the banking superintendent or insurance commissioner is needed.

The name must not be the same as nor indistinguishable from the name of any Corporation, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company, foreign Corporation, foreign Limited Partnership or foreign Limited Liability Company.

It must also not be the same as nor indistinguishable from a name reserved for use of any other proposed Corporation unless written consent of the person or other entity the name is reserved for is filed with the Articles of Incorporation. There are a number of words for which usage requires approval by the applicable State department or agency, such as (but not limited to) "Accountant," "Bank," "Brokerage," 'Financial" and "Realtor."

Director Information

The following are Nevada’s requirements for Directors of Corporations:

  • Corporations must have one or more Directors

  • Nevada does not have a provision specifying where Directors must reside

  • Directors must be at least 18 years old

  • Director names and addresses are required to be listed in the Articles of Incorporation

Requirements for the Articles of Incorporation

The document required to form a Corporation in Nevada is called the Articles of Incorporation. The information required in the formation document varies by state. Nevada's requirements include:

  • Officer names and addresses are not required to be listed in the Articles of Incorporation

  • Nevada requires the name of at least one Director on the Articles Of Incorporation

  • Authorized Shares and Par Value must be listed in the Articles of Incorporation. (An increase in the number of Shares or Par Value can affect filing fees.)

  • Corporations must list the name and address of a Registered Agent with a physical address (no Post Office Boxes) in Nevada. The Registered Agent must be available during normal business hours to accept important Legal Process of Service for the Corporation.

Other filings required at the time of Incorporation

Nevada requires Corporations to file an Initial List of Officers and Nevada State Business License at the time of the initial incorporation. We will file your Initial List of Officers and obtain a Nevada State Business License at the time of filing of your Corporation. Your List and License are good for one year. Resident Agents of Nevada will contact you approximately 45 days prior to your annual renewal becoming due, for stress-free and timely filing.

Professional Services Businesses

Nevada allows professionals, such as Accountants, Attorneys and Physicians, to form a Professional Corporation (PC).

Required Information to form your Corporation

Outlined is the information we at Resident Agents of Nevada, Inc. require to form your Corporation:

Order Contact Information

  • Primary contact name

  • Primary contact Physical Address (Plus mailing address if different)

  • Primary contact phone number

  • Primary contact email address

  • Primary contact phone number

Company Information

  • Three business name choices

  • Capital stock information (number of Shares to authorize and the Par Value of those Shares)

Company Management

  • Director name and address for Articles of Incorporation

  • Officer(s) name and address (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer)

  • We provide our address for our client use on public documents

Additional Information

Depending on the type of package and/or additional services you select, you may be asked for the following information:

Nevada Address and Mail Forwarding Service

  • The US Mail forwarding address you wish to use

Tax Identification (EIN)* obtainment information

  • Name of an Officer of the Corporation

  • SSN of the Officer*

* Due to new regulations, our company is no longer able to assist Foreign/Non-US Citizens without Social Security Numbers (also called SSN,) in obtaining EIN numbers for their entity. As part of our service, we will provide you with a special telephone number for Foreign EIN applicants to call at the IRS and suggestions on the information that the client may want to provide to the IRS. This information is provided after we receive the order for the entity.

Not sure which business type is right for you?

The following article can help you understand C Corporation formation and other business types:

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