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Nevada LLC FAQ

      • What is an LLC (Limited Liability Company)?

        An LLC, or Limited Liability Company, is a business entity created under State laws which has the characteristics of both a Corporation and a Partnership. Like a Corporation, the owners of an LLC are not personally liable for business debts. Like a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership, an LLC has operating flexibility and is a pass-through entity for tax loses. This means the LLC's profits are passed through and taxable to the owners of the LLC.

        The other option is a multi-Member LLC which is taxed as a Partnership. That means that the LLC files a tax return and it provides a document called a K-1 to each of the Members that indicates their share of the profits. The K-1 is used by the Member to file their personal taxes.

        To learn more and speak with a representative, please call us at (888) 463-8462, or email us: agents@nevada.org during business hours. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

      • What documents are required to form my LLC?

        To form an LLC, Articles of Organization must be filed with the Nevada Secretary of State, along with an Initial List of Members/Managers and Nevada State Business License. We will file your Initial List of Managers/Members and obtain a Nevada State Business License at the time of filing of your LLC. Your List and License are good for one year. Resident Agents of Nevada will contact you approximately 45 days prior to your annual renewal becoming due.

        It is important that the LLC members enter into an Operating Agreement, which sets forth the rights of the members and the rules for running your company. This is a document that may be required for opening a bank account, for a loan application, as well as for other important business transactions.

        Consider, if you haven't already, whether you will need an EIN/Federal Tax ID Number* from the IRS. (Once your LLC is filed, we can obtain your EIN within a few hours.)It may be required to open a bank account and it is necessary to file a business tax return. Resident Agents of Nevada, Inc. is happy to assist you in ordering a state specific, LLC Corporate Compliance Kit which contains a template for creating your Operating Agreement along with other useful items for day to day business operation.

      • How can I pay for a LLC formation order if I do not have a Credit Card?

        You may place a phone order by calling us Toll Free at (888) 463-8462 and then mail us a personal check, Money Order or Cashier’s Check. (Our mailing address: 711 S Carson St., Suite 4, Carson City, NV 89701 USA) We also accept PayPal. PayPal offers account setup using your bank account and routing numbers. Our business hours: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

      • When will I receive my formation documents?

        Typically, your documents arrive within 3 - 5 business days. During the order process, you may elect to expedite your documents and receive them within 24 hours. We will email the documents to the email address provided on your order and then send the documents by regular mail.

      • Are there additional costs involved once my LLC and the Initial List of Members/Managers and State Business License are filed with the Secretary of State in Nevada?

        There are no additional state fees nor Registered Agent fees for your entity until you reach your one year anniversary, at which time an Annual List of Members/Managers and Nevada State Business License are required in order to keep your entity in good standing with the Nevada Secretary of State.

        As your Registered Agent we provide, as a courtesy, a Free Reminder Service which includes filing of your Annual List and State Business License. We will mail you annual renewal documents for your review, signature and return, approximately 45 days prior to your filing becoming due. We will follow up with both email and telephone reminders as the filing date approaches.

        Because the Nevada Secretary of State, without exception, will impose a substantial late fee, we make every attempt to avoid having you miss important filing dates!

      • What information is required to form my LLC?

        • A name choice for your company (we request you provide two alternates)

        • Name, physical address, phone, and email for your LLC

        • Mailing address if different from the physical address

        • Names of Managers or Managing Members

General LLC Formation FAQ:

      • What are the advantages of forming a Limited Liability Company in Nevada?

        The greatest advantage is the State of Nevada does not levy State Income Tax to businesses, individuals, or corporate bodies.

        You read that correctly...There is no Personal nor Corporate State Income Tax.

      • How many people are needed to form an LLC?

        In the State of Nevada, only one person is needed to form an LLC. Recent changes to the IRS code have promoted reforms in the State's laws, permitting one-member LLCs.

        To learn more and speak with a representative, please call us at (888) 463-8462, or email us at agents@nevada.org.

      • Do I need an Attorney to form an LLC?

        Consultation with your legal counsel to assure you have made the proper pre-formation decisions is always recommended. You are not required however, to have an attorney file your state documents. Use of an attorney for this portion of your business formation will likely be much more expensive. Resident Agents of Nevada, Inc. with over 22 years experience, having formed thousands of companies, can handle your incorporation needs and help you avoid costly mistakes.

        Add additional services and/or products, such as EIN/Federal Tax ID* or an LLC Corporate Compliance Kit, and you can be ready for your day to day business operations very shortly after formation of your LLC in Nevada.

      • Do I have to have an address of the actual business in Nevada?

        No, you don't need the address of the business to be in Nevada. In the formation process, we allow our clients to use our Nevada address on the Articles of Organization and Member/Manager List. We, as your Registered Agent when offering business formation services, we must have the contact address for our records.

        If you need an address in Nevada you can order our exclusive Nevada Address and Weekly Mail Forwarding Service, which includes a street address and weekly mail forwarding service.

        We ONLY offer mail forwarding service to our clients. Compare package features and start a Nevada LLC

      • Do I have to have an office or bank account in Nevada?

        No, neither an office nor a bank account need to be maintained in the state of Nevada. An annual fee is paid to Resident Agents of Nevada, Inc. to serve as the company's statutory Registered Agent (to receive and forward copies of legal actions filed against the company). Annual meetings can be held anywhere and minutes can be signed by consent (without a meeting).

        Once you form your LLC with us, we will give you personal contacts at banks we work with. Just one of the advantages of choosing us to assist you!

        To learn more and speak with a representative, please call us at (888) 463-8462. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also email us at agents@nevada.org

      • How long does it take to get my EIN or Federal TAX ID number? How can I obtain my EIN?*

        Once your LLC is filed, we can obtain your EIN within a few hours.

        We obtain the EIN -- also called the Federal TAX ID Number -- for our clients from the IRS. We require the name of a responsible individual involved with the LLC and also that person's Social Security Number (SSN) in order to obtain the EIN. The EIN* is included in our Turnkey LLC Formation packages. You can also add the EIN as an option with our other packages. The EIN is provided when we send you the initial documents.

      • Can my company transact business in Nevada as well as other States?

        Yes. Your company can transact business in more than one state. If Nevada is your primary place of business then Resident Agents of Nevada, Inc. will file a domestic LLC for you. You can apply to incorporate in other states by a process called Foreign Qualification. If you are established in another state, we can file your entity in Nevada as a Foreign LLC. It is important to note that you must comply with licensing laws and compliance regulations of any state in which you do business.

        We will take away the hassle and get your company registered to do business in Nevada. Give our friendly staff a call Toll Free at (888) 463-8462, or email us: agents@nevada.org. We're here for you.

      • Does an LLC have to hold meetings?

        Yes. And there are other matters to keep track of to keep your LLC in good standing. The State of Nevada charges an annual fee to maintain an LLC. An Initial List of Managers and Members is due 30 days after formation. Each business anniversary, you must also submit an "Annual List of Managers/Members," which is a one-page form filed by the Secretary of State.

        There is also a mandatory Nevada State Business License that is required at the same time the Member/Manager list is filed, and renewed annualy. With our service you get them together! The cost of the Initial/Annual List and Nevada State Business License is $375. There is no State income tax or franchise tax in Nevada.

        Let us manage it all for you! As your Registered Agent, we keep in your LLC in compliance with the State of Nevada, and remind you of important matters and deadlines.

        To learn more and speak with a representative, please call us at (888) 463-8462, or email us at agents@nevada.org. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

      • What are the rules for naming an LLC? Is a name ending such as LLC required?

        The name of the LLC must not be the same, or indistinguishable from, the name of any LLC, foreign LLC, or a name reserved for use of any other proposed Limited Liability Company, unless written consent of the person or other entity for whom the name is reserved is filed with the Articles.

        You must provide an ending (tailing) for the name of the LLC -- such as LLC, Limited Liability Company, Ltd. or Limited.

        If the name implies banking, trust, or insurance powers, prior approval of the Banking Superintendent or Insurance Commissioner is needed. We always check if the rules are followed when filing incorporation paperwork.

      • Can my company use Registered Agents of Nevada Inc.'s address as its own business address within the state of Nevada?

        We allow you to use our address for the public record at the Nevada Secretary of State. If you wish to use our Nevada Address and Weekly Mail Forwarding Service, it is available for $80 per year including a $30 annual postage allowance.

        Order online when you set up your entity and you can start using the weekly Mail Forwarding Service almost immediately! Or give our office a call and we can set up Mail Forwarding for your entity. Note: This service is exclusive to our clients.

        Speak with a representative between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM Pacific Time, call us at (888) 463-8462. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also email us at agents@nevada.org

      • Why is a Corporate Compliance Kit so crucial for my LLC? What's included with my Corporate Compliance Kit?

        A Corporate Compliance Kit is essential in terms of organizing your paperwork and helping structure your LLC or Corporation for smooth operation. Although a Kit is not legally required, it can ensure accurate and complete record keeping -- a critical part of maintaining your entity's good standing with the state of Nevada.

        There are two items that are particularly important. In order for your LLC to be legal it must be owned by at least one Manger or Managing Member. You should issue Membership Certificates and complete the Share Register in order to keep track of the owners and how much each Member owns.

        The other very important part about running an LLC is having an Operating Agreement. The Operating Agreement defines how your LLC will operate day to day and usually addresses things like adding Members or what to do if a Member should die. (You should make provisions for the "what ifs" so there aren't any surprises!) Each Member then signs the Operating Agreement. Both the Share Certificates and the sample Operating Agreement are included in the LLC Compliance Kit along with other helpful document templates. You can order your LLC Compliance Kit here.

        Your Corporate Compliance Kit includes a Company Seal, a personalized binder, a CD with templates for your Minutes, Operating Agreement, Resolutions and Membership Certificates.

      • What is the difference between a "Member" and a "Manager" of an LLC?

        A Member is generally an owner of the LLC and is similar to a Stockholder of a Corporation. A Manager is generally a person chosen by the Members to manage the day-to-day operations of the LLC and is much like a Director of a Corporation. A Manager can also be a Member of the LLC, in which case he/she is called a Managing Member.

        To learn more and speak with a representative, please call us at (888) 463-8462, or email us at agents@nevada.org.

      • Can an LLC have an unlimited lifespan?

        Yes. Nevada permits LLCs to be created with an unlimited or "Perpetual" life.

        To learn more and speak with a representative, please call us at (888) 463-8462, or email us at agents@nevada.org.

Registered Agent FAQ:

      • What is a Registered Agent and why do I need one for my LLC?

        Just as it is in most states, having a Registered Agent, (also call a Resident Agent,) is a statutory requirement in the State of Nevada.

        A Registered Agent is a person or business responsible for maintaining a continuous Corporate presence in the State on behalf of your company. Specifically, it provides for a physical address for any legal papers to be delivered in the event the LLC is involved in any litigation or needs to receive a verifiable notice of any kind.

        In Nevada, the Registered Agent must keep a copy of your Articles of Organization, and know where your LLC stock ledger is maintained and how to contact a responsible person who keeps the LLC records. Use this order form to choose us as your Registered Agent and your LLC will run smooth. Want to switch Registered Agent services? Use this order form.

      • What do I get from your Registered Agent service?

        • Forwarding of any official documents from the Secretary of State to you

        • Accepting any legal service and forwarding it to your company. We take extreme care to notify you quickly about any legal service (summons, subpoenas). We understand how important is to get timely information about such situation

        • Notification about due dates for each entity. We are diligent with email and phone notifications!

        • Our reminder program helps you avoid late fees! We'll call you to make sure your filing is done on time

        • Online or phone order processing, which allows you to easily order entities or additional services

      • How long has Resident Agents of Nevada, Inc. been forming LLCs in Nevada? What is your reputation?

        We have incorporated thousands of companies in Nevada since 1995. Please go to the Better Business Bureau of Nevada website to view our ratings. See what our clients say about us in our Reviews.

        We offer very aggressive and competitive LLC formation packages, pricing and service. Our mission is to get your order processed correctly and quickly. Read more here.

      • Why do so many people choose you? There are other Registered Agents out there.

        • We pick up the phone within two rings during business hours--and we reply to all voicemails and emails ASAP!

        • We don't close for lunch!

        • We are 5 minutes from the Secretary of State's office.

        • We take care of all of your paperwork, file the necessary documents with the State of Nevada and can send you an LLC Compliance Kit with Seals and Certificates.

        • We've been forming Nevada LLCs and serving as their Registered Agent for 22 years. We actively support your LLC for the life of the entity. You'll never miss a filing deadline with our personalized reminder service!

        • To learn more and speak with a representative, please call us at (888) 463-8462. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also email us at agents@nevada.org

      • Can I change my Registered Agent and start using your services?

        Yes. If you are receiving less than satisfactory service from your current Registered Agent, use this change order form and we will relive the hassles for you! We believe in providing outstanding customer service!

        You may find we are considerably more cost-effective than your current Registered Agent. Need a Nevada Registered Agent who goes the extra mile and answers the phone? Order this easy Change of Registered Agent order form and we'll go right to work for you! (For brand new Registered Agent services, here is the order form to use.)

      • What if I do the LLC formation myself? Can I still use you as my Registered Agent?

        Yes, you can. We will sign a Registered Agent acceptance form and email it to you. You just print it out and send it together with the Articles of Organization to the Secretary of State. To order Registered Agent service only, use this form.

        How long does it take to change a Registered Agent in the Secretary of State records?

        Normally, once we have your signed documents, we submit them to the Nevada Secretary of State the same day. Non-expedited filings usually take 5-7 working days for the Nevada Secretary of State to process.

Do you offer an alternative to Nevada incorporation?

          • Registered Agents of Wyoming, LLC, our sister company can offer you incorporation in the business friendly State of Wyoming.

            A Wyoming LLC is a much lower-cost alternative, and the State of Wyoming does not require a Member/Manager name to be noted on public record. We file for and then act as Registered Agents for thousands of active LLCs through our Wyoming branch. Visit our Wyoming branch online at mywyomingllc.com, call us Toll Free: (877) 239-2608 to discuss options, or email us: agents@mywyomingllc.com

*Due to new regulations, our company is no longer able to assist Foreign/Non-US Citizens (without Social Security Numbers) in obtaining EIN numbers for their entity. As part of our service, we will provide you with a special telephone number for Foreign EIN applicants and suggestions on the information that the client may want to provide to the IRS.

International Clients add $50 surcharge.


Call us Toll Free (888) 463-8462 Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time, or email us any time at agents@nevada.org

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