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Why Nevada?

Resident Agents of Nevada, Inc. believes that Nevada is the best state in America in which to do business and we think you will soon be a believer also. Let's first take a look at the top reasons to incorporate or form a business in Nevada. Then we will examine the many benefits that Nevada has to offer:

Reasons to incorporate or form a business in Nevada

      • No Personal Income Tax
      • No Corporate Income Tax
      • No Taxes on Corporate Shares
      • No Franchise Tax on Income
      • No Inheritance Tax
      • No Gift Tax
      • No Unitary Tax
      • No Estate Tax
      • Competitive Sales Tax Rates
      • Competitive Property Tax Rates
      • No Succession tax
      • No disclosure of shareholders
      • Nominal Annual Fees
      • Nevada corporations may purchase, hold, sell or transfer shares of its own stock.
      • Nevada corporations may issue stock for capital, services, personal property, or real estate, including leases and options. The directors may determine the value of any of these transactions, and their decision is final.
      • Minimal Employer Payroll Tax
      • Nevada's Business Court - Developed on the Delaware model, the Business Court in Nevada minimizes the time, cost and risks of commercial litigation by:
        • Early, comprehensive case management
        • Active judicial participation in settlement
        • Priority for hearing settings to avoid business disruption
        • Predictability of legal decisions in commercial matters

…NOW Consider These Benefits

      • Unlimited ability to issue stock—Most states set a limit on the number of shares that you are authorized to issue; Not so in Nevada! You may issue as many shares as you wish by simply making the proper entries in your Articles of Incorporation. As you make changes to your shares, make sure to file an amendment with the Secretary of State and issue the appropriate share certificates.  Unlimited shares may be of paramount importance to you in particular, if you ever contemplate taking your company public.

      • You can be everything in Nevada—Some states require that you have more than one person to serve as the various officers and directors of your corporation. Not so in Nevada. One person can fill all of the required corporate positions giving you the ultimate in flexibility and control.

      • Enjoy anonymity and privacy in Nevada—The more information about you that appears in the public record, the easier it is for you to become a litigation target. Nevada has no requirement for the names of shareholders to be filed with the state. It asks only for a simple "Annual Report" the name of one person who can act as all the officers and directors or Member or Managing Member.

      • Restrictions and corporate formalities are at an absolute minimum in Nevada—If you would like less "red tape", bureaucracy and restrictions in your business life Nevada is the place for you!

      • As an officer or director you cannot be held responsible for the debts of the corporation—Nevada law is quite strong in this respect and holds generally that as long as you did not intentionally break the law you are protected from claims against the corporation.

      • No minimum capitalization is required in Nevada—You can fund your corporation with one dollar, with a million dollars or the amount of your choice. And, while there are sound business reasons of avoiding "under capitalization" the point is that the choice is yours and you enjoy the ultimate in flexibility.

      • Your directors and/or shareholders meetings may be held anywhere in the world—You are not required to hold meetings in Nevada; indeed you need never set foot within the state. Nevada is rich in history and breathtaking scenery but you may choose to hold your meetings in any location you choose.

      • Stock in your Nevada corporation may be issued in exchange for "anything of value"—You may use cash of course but also property, services or any valuable consideration at the total discretion of the board of directors which you’ll remember can be one person.

      • Maximum anonymity can be yours—Make no mistake; we’re not suggesting that you need to be "secretive" and certainly not that you do anything improper. Nevertheless, in today’s overly litigious society it is a fact of business and personal life that the only thing necessary to involve you in a lawsuit is the perception by someone else that you have assets…you’ve heard it called the "deep pocket theory."

        Many business people have found it advantageous to maintain financial privacy simply to avoid looking like a good litigation "target." by limiting the number of names that are listed on the public record.

      • Lifetime proxy—By allowing another person or entity to own shares you can use proxies to maintain complete control. The problem is that most state laws require proxies to expire and be subsequently renewed every six or seven years. If the "legal owner" declined to renew your proxy you could be literally be left with nothing and no recourse. That is hardly a scenario that makes us feel secure nor is it one that we would recommend to you. However realize that Nevada allows for lifetime proxies thereby protecting you from any such problem arising.

      • If you already have a corporation—Once again Nevada offers unparalleled flexibility. By filing a few simple forms (we will handle it for you start to finish) your existing corporation can do business in Nevada by filing to be a foreign corporation or LLC.

Got questions?

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