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Nevada Corporation FAQ

      • What documents are required to form my Corporation?

        Articles of Incorporation must be filed with the Nevada Secretary of State, along with an Initial List of Officers/Directors and Nevada State Business License. We will file your Initial List of Officers and obtain a Nevada State Business License at the time of filing of your Corporation. Your List and License are good for one year. Resident Agents of Nevada Inc. will contact you approximately 45 days prior to your annual renewal becoming due.

      • How can I pay to form my Corporation if I do not have a Credit Card?

        You may place a phone order by calling us Toll Free at (888) 463-8462 and then mail us a personal check, Money Order or Cashier’s Check. (Our mailing address: 711 S Carson St., Suite 4, Carson City, NV 89701 USA) We also accept PayPal. PayPal offers account setup using your bank account and routing numbers. Our business hours: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

      • When will I receive my formation documents?

        Typically, your documents arrive within 3-5 business days. During the order process, you may elect to expedite your documents and receive them within 24 hours. Expedited service applies to Secretary of State filings only.

      • Are there additional costs involved once my Corporation and the Initial List of Officers and Nevada State Business License are filed with the Secretary of State in Nevada?

        There are no additional state fees nor Registered Agent fees for your entity until you reach the one year anniversary of your Corporation, at which time an Annual List of Officers and State Business License are required in order to keep your entity in good standing with the Nevada Secretary of State.

        As your Registered Agent we provide as a courtesy, a free Reminder Service which includes filing of your Annual List of Officers and State Business License. We will mail you annual renewal documents for your review, signature and return, approximately 45 days prior to your filing becoming due. We will follow up with both email and telephone reminders as the filing date approaches. Because the Nevada Secretary of State, without exception, will impose a substantial late fee, we make every attempt to avoid having you miss important filing dates.

      • What information is required to form my Corporation?

        • A name choice for your company (we request you provide two alternates)

        • Name, physical address, phone, and email for the point of contact for your Corporation

        • Mailing address, if different from the physical address

        • Officer names and titles

        • Class, Number and Par Value of Shares to be authorized by the Secretary of State. (Please note that Stock value, up to $75,000 is included in all Corporate Package pricing.)

      • What should I do after my Corporation has been formed?

        Once your Corporation filing is complete, it is important to create a set of Bylaws that establish rules for running your company. This is a document that may be required when opening a bank account, for a loan application, as well as for other important business transactions. Get a Corporate Compliance Kit to create your Bylaws, get your Corporate Seal, and much more!

        Also consider, if you haven't already, whether you will need an EIN/Federal Tax ID Number* (this is issued by the IRS.) It may be required when opening a bank account and is necessary to file a business tax return. Resident Agents of Nevada, Inc. is happy to assist you in obtaining your EIN.

      • How long does it take to get an EIN/Federal Tax ID number?*

        We can obtain your EIN, also called the Federal Tax ID Number, within a few hours once your filing is complete. Please order your EIN* Toll Free at (888) 463-8462, or use this online form. The EIN is included in our Turnkey Corporation package.

General Corporation FAQ

      • What are the advantages of forming a Corporation in Nevada?

        • Unlimited owners. C Corporations can have an unlimited number of Shareholders.

        • Easy transfer of ownership. Ownership is easily transferable through the sale of Stock.

        • Unlimited life. Your Corporation does not need to cease to exist upon illness or death of an Owner. Ownership transfer for any purpose may be established in your Bylaws.

        • Easily raise capital. Additional capital can be raised by selling Shares of Stock.

        • Credibility. Corporations may be perceived as a more professional/legitimate entity than a Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership.

        • More advantages

      • What is the difference between a Corporation and a LLC (Limited Liability Company)?

        Like Corporations, LLCs offers limited liability to their owners; however, unlike Corporations, LLCs are taxed as Partnerships or Sole Proprietorships (unless you elect to have it taxed as Corporation). This generally allows the LLC to pass all of the income and losses through to the owners. For more detail, we've put together this comparison.

      • Do I need an Attorney to form a Corporation?

        Consultation with your legal counsel to assure you have made the proper pre-formation decisions is always recommended. You are not required however, to have an attorney file your state documents. Use of an attorney for this portion of your business formation will likely be much more expensive. Resident Agents of Nevada, Inc. with over 22 years experience, having formed thousands of companies, can handle your incorporation needs and help you avoid costly mistakes.

        Add additional services and/or products, such as EIN/Federal Tax ID* or a Corporate Compliance Kit, and you can be ready for your day to day business operations very shortly after formation of your LLC in Nevada.

      • Am I required to have the address of the business be in Nevada?

        No, it is not a requirement of the Secretary of State that the address in your Articles of Incorporation be in Nevada. We are allowed, as your Registered Agent, to use our Nevada address on the Articles and Initial List. We do so in order to protect your privacy and also to allow for building a business nexus with your state of Incorporation. We are required to have your physical address for our internal records.

        If you need the address in Nevada to receive and forward mail for your business, you can order our Nevada Address and Weekly Mail Forwarding Service, which includes use of the Nevada address for mailing and weekly mail forwarding.

      • Am I required to have an office or bank account in Nevada?

        The Secretary of State does not require either an office or a bank account to be maintained in the State of Nevada. Your annual fee to Resident Agents of Nevada, Inc. to serve as the company’s statutory Registered Agent (to receive and forward copies of legal actions filed against the company) satisfies the Statutory requirement for a presence in the state.

        Once your corporation has been formed with us, should you decide a Nevada bank account is appropriate, we will provide you with a local business banker. 

      • Can my company transact business in Nevada as well as other states?

        Yes! If your company plans to transact business in Nevada, please let us know this as the Secretary of State will want to know. Citizens of other states and foreign countries are able to operate in the State of Nevada once they have an active entity. If you are already operating in another state, we can file a Foreign Qualification for your entity.

      • Is my Corporation required to hold meetings in Nevada?

        Nevada law does not require your Shareholders or Directors meetings to be held in Nevada if another meeting location is listed in your Articles of Incorporation. Otherwise, the meetings must be held within the state of Nevada.

        When doing business in another place you must comply with local laws and licensing of the state in which you do business. We can help you obtain either your Domestic or Foreign Qualification to register your company to do business in Nevada. Call us Toll Free at (888) 463-8462 or email us: agents@nevada.org.

      • What are the rules for Corporate names? Is a name ending, called Tailing, like Co., Corp, Inc., required?

        The rules of the Secretary of State say: "The name must not be the same, or deceptively similar to, the name of any Corporation, Foreign Corporation, or a name reserved for use of any other proposed Corporation." (Unless written consent of the person or other entity for whom the name is reserved is filed with the articles.) In simple words, the name must be distinguishable from all others.

        A name appearing to be that of a natural person and containing a given name or initials must not be used as a Corporate name, except with an additional word such as "Incorporated," "Limited," "Inc.," "Ltd.," "Company," "Co.," "Corporation," "Corp.," or other word identifying it as not being the name of a natural person.

        Otherwise, if the name implies banking, trust, or insurance powers, prior approval of the banking superintendent or insurance commissioner is needed. We always ensure that the rules are followed when filing Incorporation paperwork.

      • Can my Corporation use the address of Resident Agents of Nevada, Inc. as its own business address within the State of Nevada?

        Resident Agents of Nevada, Inc. can only use its mailing address for the Articles of Incorporation and Initial List and Nevada State Business License.

        If you want us to receive and forward mail for you, please order our Nevada Address and Weekly Mail Forwarding Service. The cost is $80 per year, and includes a $30 annual postage allowance!

        Order your service here, or call us at (888) 463-8462, and you can start your Mail Forwarding service almost immediately!

      • Can I change the amount of Shares after I already set up the Corporation?

        To change the amount of Shares your Corporation is authorized to issue, we can file an Amendment to the Initial Articles whereby we Restate the Articles according to your current Stock needs. There is no limit to the number of times the Stock Class Number or value of your Shares can be amended. Call us directly for this service: (888) 463-8462.

      • Why do I need a Corporate Compliance Kit and what is it? Can I get my Kit from you?

        The Corporate Kit is useful in terms of both organizing your paperwork and helping structure your Corporation for smooth operation.  Accurate and complete record keeping is a critical part of maintaining your Corporation's good standing.

        The Corporate Compliance Kit contains your Corporate Seal, as well as a CD with templates for your Bylaws, Meeting Minutes, Resolutions, Stock Certificates. Your Corporate Compliance Kit is customized for your entity type and comes in a personalized binder. We can provide you with a Corporate Compliance Kit here.

      • How can I obtain a Certificate of Good Standing?

        A Certificate of Good Standing, which is also called a Certificate of Existence, is a document issued by the Nevada Secretary of State which certifies that your Corporation does exist legally and that it is in good standing with the State as of the date of issuance. Click this link to obtain your Certificate of Good Standing.

        We can also take care of filing, amongst other items,  an Apostille, Amended List, Name Amendment, and Dissolution of Articles. For additional formation or management services click here.

Registered Agent FAQ

      • How long have you been in the Nevada Incorporation business, what is your reputation and how satisfied are your clients?

        Since 1995, we have formed thousands of companies and served them as Registered Agent in Nevada. Visit the Better Business Bureau of Nevada website to view our ratings. Here is what some of our clients have to say.

      • Why do so many people choose you? There are other Registered Agents out there.

        • We've been forming Nevada Corporations for over 22 years. We actively support your Corporation for the life of the entity

        • You'll never miss a filing deadline with our complementary personalized reminder service!

        • We pick up the phone within two rings during business hours--and we reply to all voicemails and emails ASAP!

        • We don't close for lunch, and we are literally 5 minutes from the Secretary of State's office!

        • The bottom line: We take care of all of your paperwork, file the necessary documents, and help keep your Corporation in good standing with the State of Nevada

      • What is a Registered Agent and why do I need one for my Corporation?

        A Registered Agent (also called a Resident Agent,) is a person or business responsible for maintaining a continuous corporate presence in the state on behalf of your company. This is a statutory requirement in the State of Nevada, just as it is in most states. The office of the Registered Agent provides for a physical address for any legal papers to be delivered in the event the corporation is involved in any litigation or needs to receive a verifiable notice of any kind.

      • What do I get from your Registered Agent services?

        • Timely forwarding to your company all official documents from the Nevada Secretary of State, and acceptance of any legal process of service

        • Dedicated phone and email support from knowledgeable and dedicated representatives, plus you can easily order renewals or additional services through this website or by phone Toll Free at (888) 463-8462 Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time

        • Our proprietary reminder service tracks due dates for all your companies and we alert you by phone and email to ensure your Corporation stays in Good Standing with the Nevada Secretary of State

        • A reputable and experienced Nevada Registered Agent with an excellent rating (See our BBB Report here)

      • How do I choose you as my Registered Agent?

        Just use this order form to assign us as your Registered Agent.

      • I already have a Registered Agent but I want to use your service instead. How do I do this?

        We'd be glad to be your Registered Agent! Just use this link and order a Change of Registered Agent form. We will provide you with the form pre-filled with your information, ready for you to sign and return to us. Questions any step of the way? Call us Toll Free (888) 463-8462 or email agents@nevada.org.

        How long does it take to change a Registered Agent in the Secretary of State's records? If we expedite it for you, 24 hours. We process most orders within 24 hours. We're a phone call or email away: Toll Free (888) 463-8462 or email agents@nevada.org.

      • I plan to form the Corporation myself? Can I still hire you as my Registered Agent?

        You certainly can! Order this Registered Agent form to start receiving concierge service from us! If it works better for you, we will sign a Registered Agent acceptance form and email it to you. You can then just print it out and send it together with the Articles to the Secretary of State.

        If you have any questions while you are forming your Corporation, don't hesitate to call us Toll Free! (888) 463-4642.

Do you offer an alternative to Nevada incorporation?

      • Registered Agents of Wyoming, LLC, our sister company can offer you incorporation in the business friendly State of Wyoming.

        A Wyoming Corporation is a much lower-cost alternative, and the State of Wyoming does not require a Owner's name to be noted on public record. We file for and then act as Registered Agents for thousands of active Corporations through our Wyoming branch. Visit our Wyoming branch online at mywyomingllc.com, call us Toll Free: (877) 239-2608 to discuss options, or email us: agents@mywyomingllc.com

*Foreign EIN/Federal Tax Number Obtainment: Due to new regulations, our company is no longer able to assist foreign/Non-US Citizens (without Social Security Numbers) in obtaining EIN/Federal Tax ID Numbers for their entity. As a part of our service, we will provide them with a special telephone number and suggestions of information that the client may want to provide to the IRS.

We are ready to help, and answer questions!

Call us Toll Free (888) 463-8462 Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time, or email us any time at agents@nevada.org